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You’ve gotta love it!

OK, I admit it, I’m a TV-lover and I’m not ashamed to say it. I will never be one of those people who tries to see how long they can go without TV or gives it up for lent. I have never felt like my life would be richer if I watched less TV. My philosophy has always been that I need a certain amount of relaxation/downtime during the day and if I didn’t watch TV, I would find something else mindless to occupy myself. Maybe I would sleep more. Most likely, I’d spend more time surfing the Internet.

Anyway, I also feel like there’s lots of really interesting stuff out there on TV, especially right now. I feel like the general makeup and hierarchy of TV is changing dramatically. Cable networks are experimenting with original programming that is different and provocative. Reality TV has firmly taken root and proved itself to be more than just a fad. Actors, writers and producers are taking more risks. And we can’t forget the DVR, which has totally changed my relationship with TV.

If you don’t have one, a DVR is a digital video recorder. Ours is hooked up through our satellite and allows us to record shows and to pause live TV. I don’t think I could go back to watching TV without ours. I never watch commercials anymore and never just watch whatever is on. TV doesn’t run our lives (I know you’re thinking that it would be ridiculous for us to ever have let TV run our lives, but how many of you have never stayed home or made plans around a TV show you really wanted to watch? How many of you refuse to answer the phone when your favorite show is on?). Instead, now we figure out when the shows we want to watch are on and set them to record. Then we can eat dinner, answer the phone, shower the kids, do dishes, whatever we need to, and still get to see all of the show we are interested in (and skip the commercials).

I also love Reality TV. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m a nosy, people person. I love to hear the details of other peoples’ lives. It’s part of what I love about real estate. It’s part of why I was such a voracious reader as a child and it’s definitely why I love reality TV.

Did you see that show Project Runway, last season? It was the one about the wanna-be fashion designers hosted by Heidi Klume. LOVED that show. We watched it from start to finish because my dad actually worked with the aunt of one of the contestants (Nora!), but seriously, I think we would have watched it eventually anyway. GREAT show.

I also got completely sucked into that show The Deadliest Catch, I think it was last Thanksgiving when they had a marathon. It’s about crab fishermen in Alaska and is on the Discovery Channel. It was completely amazing. In one of the episodes a boat went under and many of the crew died. I cried and cried.

Another of my current favorites is on the SciFi Channel. I stumbled upon it accidentally. Jason had it on to catch a bit of a show his company might be designing a website for, and I was doing something else and the TV was just left on. After a few minutes I realized I was completely sucked in. The show is called The Ghost Hunters and is about this company in the Northeast called TAPS (yeah, we haven’t figured out what that stands for). The company uses technology to investigate houses people think are haunted to either debunk or have solid evidence to support the ‘paranormal activity’. Now I’m not saying I believe in the hauntings, but I find the whole thing totally fascinating. The guys who lead the investigations are these totally down-to-earth plumber-by-day types who genuinely believe that hauntings do exist, but also think that 80% of the homes people think are haunted aren’t. So lots of episodes come down to “Yeah, well, we didn’t find anything. We’re pretty sure your house isn’t haunted.” But there have been a few I’ve seen where they determine that a house IS haunted. And this is why I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this show. It’s usually on right before I go to bed, and if they find something scary, I totally don’t sleep.

The reason I started this post was to recommend a brand new show we watched tonight that I think is hilarious and totally interesting: Made in the USA. It’s on USA (clever, no?) and is a contest for inventors. They started out with 50 teams of inventors and their invention, interviewed them all and narrowed the field down to 12. Some of the inventions are brilliant and some are ridiculous, but they are all entertaining. We seriously paused the show to laugh out loud several times. I’m sure they will rerun the pilot over the weekend and I highly recommend catching it.

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