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Yay for FRIDAY!

Well I for one am glad it’s Friday. Jason took the week off from work to finish up some other sites he has been creating and to get started on my big relaunch of this site (May 1st! Be there or be square…). So basically, he’s spent his vacation working. But that is ok, because we are making up for it today. I’m rushing to finish this post up so I can dash home and scoop him up to head out to Scottsdale for sushi and shopping, two of our favorite things. Mmmm, sushi, mmm, shopping.

Other than our fun day planning, not much else too exciting is going on. I’m heading out the the Sale Day at La Terraza tomorrow with my parents to see if they want to purchase a condo. Then on Sunday I’m holding open my East Mesa listing from noon to 4pm (COME VISIT ME!). We are going to attempt to sneak in a viewing of Ice Age 2 some time in the next week or so, but that’s about all the craziness for now.

Hope you are all having fabulous Fridays also!

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