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I saw the title on a license plate the other night when I was driving home late. When we both stopped at the red light up ahead I wanted to get out, knock on his window, give the guy a hug and say, “Me too, Dude, me too.”

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I heartily apologize for my lack of posting. This is officially the longest I’ve gone without a post since I began this website over a year ago. I swear the universe has converged in a plot to keep me from getting it done. I actually wrote and spell-checked this entire post last Thursday, but it was eaten by the Internet monster before I could send it. (Don’t you think if there is an Internet monster it’s a spider? Sorry, topic, right.)

Anyway, the run down is this: in the last week I had two closings (including one no one was confident would actually make it to the recorded stage) and two other new clients purchase houses. It’s the most activity I’ve ever had going on at once. I’m not complaining about the surge in business, but it all happened to fall on a week where I had already agreed to both attend a ‘viewing party’ for the show The Apprentice, which my friend from High School, Roxanne Wilson is currently on (she flew in for the party and our sixth grade teacher was there too, it was a fun night) and volunteer at a Luxury Home Tour fund raiser for the public health organization, Esperanca, that my friend Kelli organized. Of course, just to add to the fun, my son’s Grandma Linda was also in town to visit with the kids, and we decided to buy a new car.

So basically there has been little time among all of this for basic necessities like eating, sleeping and posting. Most of the nutritional value in my diet over the last week has come from free party Chardonnay (Rebecca knows what I’m talking about, she was there too).

However, the utterly fabulous news to come out of all of this is:

1. All of my deals set to close actually closed and I will be receiving three checks next week (one is for a referral I made to someone up in Surprise).

2. I now have two new deals in escrow; one of which is for the most expensive house I’ve ever been a part of buying or selling and it’s looking good to close June 1.

3. I have a super cute new car! And we got a screaming deal on it. At the last minute, my mother sent me some information on the Subaru Forester because it has such awesome safety and performance ratings. I looked into it further and though it’s not a hybrid, like I wanted, it gets decent gas mileage and is priced about $10K under the Toyota Hybrid Highlander (the other car we were considering). We drove it, loved it and ultimately decided to start with a smaller, cheaper SUV and pay it off in the next couple of years. Then, hopefully, there will be more hybrid options at better prices and we can upgrade into something larger and hybrid. The screaming part of the deal is where we went to buy on the second to last day of the month and they offered it to us at invoice price with a 0% APR loan. So much awesomeness.

And here’s the visual:


Fabulous, right?

OK, and one more thing. Tomorrow is RELAUNCH DAY! So if you’re logging on at work Monday morning, you will see a pretty new face to this site. Feel free to send compliments to the webmaster:

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