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Winners!! Of Free Things!

This is a special Tuesday post to announce the winners of my giveaway yesterday (that was an announcement of the obvious. <-This is another of those. We could go on like this awhile…).

First I would like to thank everyone for participating. Participating makes you awesome. Well, actually winning makes you really awesome, but participating makes you still great in a slightly less fabulous way. It’s ok Participating Non-Winners, growing up in my family I was the participant and my sister was the winner. So I feel your pain. Maybe I should give all of the participating non-winners something and the winners nothing because they already get the joy of winning; what do they need free stuff for?

That sounds expensive. Back to plan A. Moving on.

Basically, if you did anything on the internet to acknowledge my new website, you were entered in the contest. If you commented or tweeted about the site or liked the Facebook fan page or liked any of my dozen facebook posts about it you were entered. My grandma even sent me a Facebook message saying she ‘liked’ the fan page and the new website. Which sort of misses the point of helping to promote the site by publicly liking it, but it’s ok, she’s 82 and I’m not sure she totally gets the internet (Love you Grandma Jean!) so she got an entry too.

And yes, I didn’t exclude people who are related to me. Please, that would drop my entries by half. Why should I hold the fact they are related to me against them? They already have the fact they are related to ME to contend with.

All in all there were 83 entries, so we have TWO winners!

Just so you know this was all above board, I used this random number generator to choose the winners. I even let Jonas push the button to choose the official winners just so you would know it wasn’t fixed at all. Plus, if it was fixed I would totally have made my sister the winner because I’m going to pick her up right now and I could just take us both out to lunch on her winning gift card. And she wasn’t the winner (SPOILER!).

The first winner of a $25 Paradise Bakery Gift Card and a Real Estate Tangent t-shirt is: Jessie Geroux!!!! She was number 6 on my list and number 6 was the first number chosen by the random number generator (<- obvious statements abound today). Jessie is a real estate assistant to her husband, Jason, who are both with my new brokerage, Thompson’s Realty.

The second winner of lovely free things is: Ann Carter!!!! She was number 14 on my list. Ann is totally not related to me at all. OK, she’s my Papa’s wife. She’s totally related to me. But like I said, no punishments for relatives, she still gets to win! Although I’m not completely sure they have Paradise Bakery in Florida, so she’ll get the equivalent if they don’t.

I will be emailing the winners today to get their shirt sizes and home addresses.

Again, thanks so much for chiming in and being a part of my excitement in the new website. This was so fun. No wonder the rich are so happy; they can just sit around and give away stuff all the time. Stupid rich people.

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