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Willow District Open House – After

So the open house I held on Sunday for another agent in my office was everything I dreamed it would be. The house was utterly adorable. Before I even stopped at the house, I drove up and down the streets in the Willow District for a few minutes and marveled at the houses. It really just feels like a different place there. My grandfather lived in Minnesota when I was a kid and we used to go visit him in the summers. The streets of the Willow District remind me of Minnesota. The huge trees, the way that all of the houses are set back from the street with front yards for kids to play in and detached garages in the back, the fact that each house is unique; these are all of the things I love.

This wonder of a house was one of my favorites:


I couldn’t possibly be more curious about what it looks like inside. I plan on attending the Willow District Home Tour (February 12) just on the off chance I might find out.

When I got to the house I was holding open, it did not disappoint. Some of my favorite details were:

The skylights:


The mail slot:



The cute detached garage in the back:


For me, heaven is in the details. I actually had a couple who came through and LOVED the house. They came back twice and are considering making an offer. When I pointed out the mail slot, the husband gushed, “I’ll buy it just for that!” My kind of people, I tell you, my kind of people.

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