The highs and lows of parenting and real estate.

Why it’s all worth it…

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but the deals I was working on for my Tempe clients closed. Finally. About a week ago. I think I’ve been quiet about it because I was still a little afraid to celebrate. We weren’t sure it was ever actually going to happen. But it did, and that is all that matters.

Today I emailed my client to let her know that their home warranty paperwork is in the mail and they should be receiving it soon. I told her I’d like to stop by and see the finished product. Here’s how she replied:

“Everything is moving along as fast is it possibly can with our schedules, school and everything else. We are so very happy with the house. The kids love it. My family really enjoys it, it’s so nice to have my nieces and nephews so close and they all visit as it’s only 5-10 minutes from the house.

You are very welcome to come by and see the house. We are still in shambles but my dogs do now have a doggie condo on the side of the house. Know they have somewhere to go to get out of the heat with a little shade.

You can come over anytime.”

I can’t tell you how happy it made me to hear this. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but this is a lady who wears her heart on her sleeve (I know, because I am one too). If she’s upset, she’ll tell you. If she’s nervous, you’ll know. If she says she’s happy, I know it’s the truth.

They are a family of six (2 adults, 4 teenagers) and they moved from a 26 year old 1,400 square foot house to a 10 year old, totally remodeled and upgraded house with almost 1,000 more square feet and a bedroom for each kid. I believe that they are happy and this all worked out how it should have for them. I can see them in this house in 10 years with grandkids coming to visit. This makes the whole process, every headache and yelling phone call, all of the endless, sometimes pointless paperwork, completely worth it.

I’m happy to be in real estate.

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