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OK, so I’m a native and I wasn’t even prepared for this weekend. Sure, all last week the media shouted it from the rooftops: It’s going to be really hot! Like hotter than the normal flesh-peeling hot. Like if hot is the Padres this season, this weekend was the Yankees any season other than this one where they have done some serious bottom-feeding (so that was a lame attempt at sports humor… right, I won’t try it again, sorry).

Anyway, I heard the news reports, and noted the above normal barometer predictions. I have to admit, however, that the predictions didn’t sound that daunting. 112? Eh… not that bad. It was 117 the day that I ran out of gas on the freeway right by The Buttes after I taught swim lessons all day at the Phoenix Swim Club. That was back when I was in high school and cell phones weren’t quite as prevalent as they are now. I had to walk over a mile to a gas station to call my mom to come help get gas to my car. Not to mention, of course, the day it was a record-breaking 121. Now THAT is hot.

So we treated this weekend like any other and went on with our yard work, barbecues and normal errands. Unfortunately, I was not prepared for the speed with which the mercury rose. I think the big problem is that we didn’t have the normal lead up of slowly rising temps to get us used drinking extra water and really spending the extra time to find a parking spot in the shade. Therefore, I was caught unprepared when I headed out to the grocery store Saturday afternoon. Getting into my oven of a car and driving the quick 2 miles to the store drained me, and by the time I’d paid for our weekly supplies and driven home again I was achy and exhausted. My jeans were stuck to my legs and my head was pounding. After I’d unloaded the car, it took an hour on the couch and several glasses of water to make me feel normal again. It was a lesson I should have learned long ago: If you’re thirsty, it’s already too late. Stay hydrated!!

I hope you fared better than I did this weekend and survived the heat wave. Let’s all hope it’ll cool down a bit before the heat REALLY starts in again.

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