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When You Give the Wooden Salad Bowl

I know what you’re thinking: Two posts in one day? What has happened to our lazy Arizona Realtor blogger? Has she gone crazy? This can’t be her! But don’t you worry, I haven’t picked up a new speed habit or even passed my duties on to another more reliable Realtor. Nope, there’s a good reason for my wordiness: I started the last post yesterday and wanted to get it out, and this post must be done today, thus, the illusive dual-post day. I’m sure I’ll be back to monthly blogging before you know it!

The reason this post has to be today, you ask? Today is my five year wedding anniversary. That’s right, I’m apparently just sane enough that I’ve convinced a man to marry and be with me for five full years. That or Jason is just crazy enough to have done it. Five years. FIVE YEARS. Boy that makes me feel old.

I’m sure someday I will look back on our wedding photos and think Seriously? That dress and that hair, seriously?? just like everyone else does, but not yet. I still love it all:


Wasn’t it a pretty setting? The only thing marring the scene were the planes that flew directly over head every 3 minutes or so.


My favorite part about this photo is that Jason looks just a tiny bit terrified. Like, Um, what did i just do?


So yes, I might be slightly nutty, but you tell me I don’t have fabulous taste. Tell me those dresses aren’t stunning (and yes, I’m taking credit for how hot my friends are too).

Jason, if you’re reading, Happy Anniversary. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend these last five years with anyone else. I love you!

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