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When the Rains Came

It’s all anyone could talk about this weekend. Five months of nothing and then it was like the heavens had saved all of the moisture from those five months and dumped it down in one day. About 3 AM Saturday it started to rain and didn’t stop for 24 hours. For me it was a giant hassle for several reasons. First of all, I took a new listing out in East Mesa on Saturday, but I couldn’t take exterior photos. I will need to go out this week to get non-rain soaked shots. Also, I went to a fund raiser for a friend’s work at The Venue in Scottsdale Saturday night. Not only did the rain wreak havoc on my hair (what, really, is the point of curling it when as soon as I step outside it slicks down to the sides of my head?), but between the wet streets and running in heels to avoid the rain, I completely bit the dust in a painful and embarrassing manner before I even got to the fund raiser. Ow.

That said, however, in the bigger picture, the icky rain day was totally worth it. Waking up Sunday morning to crisp, clear air in the valley surrounded by stunning snow covered mountains was glorious. Yay for the rain!


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