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When the Dust Settles

Is it really over? Has Christmas actually passed us by? And I’m still alive? I think it’s a holiday miracle. This was definitely one of those years I was sure I wouldn’t survive. Between my overly ambitious and unrealistic plans for handmade gifts and the cold that has been lingering in my chest for the last 10 days, I was planning for a psyciatric institutionalization or just flat out death from stress. OK, I may be exaggerating a bit, but honestly, I couldn’t be happier that the holidays are on the down slope and could be considered, in all regards, a success.

Holiday Photo Highlights

Jason’s work party:

The gift exchange with my best girlfriends:

Christmas morning at our house:

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s:

And that is the holiday in a nutshell. Stay with me this week, I have several real estate and craft stories I’m dying to tell!

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