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What's Good For the Goose and Gander is Good for the Goslings

Of late I’ve become a huge proponent of date night. Until recently, I leaned toward the parenting contingent that believes the kids are the main priority and getting a sitter so Mom and Dad can go out on a Saturday night is shirking your responsibilities and a waste of money in addition.

I’ve done some relationship thinking, reading and reevaluating lately and the conclusions I’ve come to are these:

1. Marriage is work, like a garden. Regardless of the viability of the seed you’ve planted and the proposed beauty of the flower, if you don’t water it and give it sun, it will die.

2. Children benefit from having a cohesive parenting system. If it is possible to have the family intact and parenting from the same place, this is the ideal situation.

3. Therefore it’s important to make my marriage a priority. It’s not selfish to spend time alone with my husband, it’s imperative. Like on the airplane, when the cabin loses pressure, the adult needs to secure his breathing mask first, and then the child flying with him. If he can’t breathe and loses consciousness, neither will get oxygen. So in order to give my children the true family support system they need, I must take time alone with my husband to connect and enjoy each other.

So my husband and I have had several (maybe even many!) date nights this summer. We’ve done random and exciting things and reconnected with who we are as a couple minus the kiddos. And let me tell you, I love a good date night.

Here are some of the itineraries we’ve followed. I’m always looking for a fun date please leave suggestions in the comments!

1. Take your husband to work – Dinner at The Barrio Cafe in downtown Phoenix and then I took Jason to see a condo that is listed in a high rise in Phoenix. We took in the nighttime view from the rooftop patio.

2. Almost free art in Scottsdale – Sketching at Free Thursdays at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art for an hour and then we headed to the Sauce Restaurant on the waterfront near Fashion Square and took advantage of their summer special ($20 – pizza, salad, 2 glasses of wine).

3. ASU movie + sushi – Jason being the design/art/tech geek he is took me to see Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight at ASU in the Life Sciences building (it’s a bio-pic about the designer who, among many other things, created the I Heart NY logo) and then dinner at our favorite sushi joint, Blue Wasabi.

4. Bowling with buddies – Date night doesn’t always have to be just the two of us, in our opinion. The latest venture was as Bruswick XL in Gilbert for bowling and bar food. The food was actually edible and I hate bowling, but we made it fun with an extra game where everyone had to use the super light kiddie ball. It made for surprising results (including the time when one guy threw it so hard the ball bounced into and out of the gutter to take the spare). Jason said it felt like high school again.

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