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Well, the good news is that the Newlin family has officially survived the flu. Jason and I did end up getting it and boy oh boy was it not fun. We all did live through it, however, and right now, that’s about the most positive thing I can come up with about the experience.

On the real estate side of life, everything is going very well. My good friend’s house sale is moving along very smoothly as is the purchase of her new house. I really think they are going to like living there. She and her husband love to entertain and it really has much better space for entertaining.

I’m also currently working on a CMA (comparative market analysis) for a townhouse in West Mesa and looking for a condo in Scottsdale for a new client. Maybe I’m crazy, but I LOVE being busy.

Because of the flu, I did not attend my weekly sales meeting yesterday, but I’ve been meaning to share this bit of info from last week’s meeting: The current FHA loan amount limit is at $237,500 with a minimum of 3% down that can be gifted. FHA is an excellent loan program for first time buyers with not much cash. At that loan limit, you can definitely find a nice starter home in the Phoenix Metro area. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, contact me or ask your mortgage broker for more info on FHA loans.

Lastly, I’m getting closer to finishing a pretty scarf my backtacker partner sent me the yarn and pattern for. I’m LOVING it so far. It’s my first project that I’m keeping for myself.

I hope you all have happy weekends!

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