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Valentine’s Day, Shmalentines Day

So far I am unamused by today.

Jason and I got into a fight right off the bat this morning because he gets uber-cranky and stressed out when he’s busy in the morning and I have an extremely low tolerance for screaminess at the children on holidays before 7am (although I apparently have a very healthy tolerance for screaminess at the husband before 7am).

Then I took Gray and Jonas over to Gray’s school for a festive ‘Math Party’ at Gray’s classroom. This went fine until of course we had to leave to take Jonas to his school. Jonas was not pleased. He sat in stoney silence the entire ride to his school and every time I turned around to check on him, he gave me a look that can only be described as, ‘plotting your death in the most painful way I can imagine’. When I signed him in to school he refused to give me a goodbye kiss and dismissed me with (I kid you not), “I’m, like, just so over you, Mom.”

And as I was walking out the Montessori door, I over-heard the following conversation between two moms.

Mom 1: We had a visit from our little friends again last night. But I think I got them all.

Mom 2: Oh my god, you did? I haven’t seen any since the other day when I told you about them. The stuff I got from the drug store must have totally worked.

Mom 1: You’ll have to text me the brand name so I can pick some up. I used a little comb last night and I think it’s taken care of, but you never know.

We’ve never had lice at our house (KNOCKING ON EVERY WOOD SURFACE I CAN FIND), but I know the code words. I almost ran back inside and told Jonas to stay away from the little girls whose mothers I heard talking, but he wasn’t speaking to me so I figured there was no point. He’d probably go rub heads with them just to spite me.

Oh, and it’s cloudy out. Stupid Valentine’s Day.

But hey, at least I’ve got a cute picture to post:

Happy Stupid Valentine’s Day, Internet. (Jonas is lying. He doesn’t really love you. He thinks you suck.)

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