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Utter Incoherence

Holy crap, I’m exhausted. My brain is slightly gooey. It’s like the consistency of an bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate sauce left untouched on the counter for 7 minutes. It’s kinda drippy, but you’re still gonna eat it anyway. Wait, we were talking about my brain, weren’t we? That’s a terrible analogy. See, I’m just not totally there.

I think there’s two things to blame for my current mental state (or lack thereof):

1. I’ve driven 396 miles just for work this week. I haven’t gone a day without an appointment to show houses and/or list a house in like 3 weeks. I’m not complaining, I’m just tired. So I guess I am complaining, a little bit. I need a nap.

2. I may be a touch hungover from an extra glass of wine or two I possibly consumed last night wishing one of my dearest friends, Kelli, luck on her move to Colorado. Kell stayed in our guest room last night because her cute little house has been packed up and cleaned for renters to move in and she is shoving off tomorrow morning, early, to start her new life. I’m not really one to dwell on things I can’t change that make me sad, and in general I have a tendency to feel discomfort regarding affection. (I know, you would never have guessed me for the strong silent type, would you?) Unfortunately, the fates intervened last night and we happened to watch Michael Scott’s final day at Dunder Mifflin before moving to Colorado on The Office, with Kelli. It may have put me over the edge. It’s possible I did a small amount of crying. I think the Chardonnay helped with that. I also may have tweeted some profanities involving the state of Colorado as a whole. Stupid Colorado with it’s crappy charmingly gorgeousness and happy place seemingocity.

So that’s where I am today. Over worked and under napped. I also have dog poop on my shoulder. I just remembered that. I should really change my shirt.

I did head out this morning (Jonas in tow) to photograph an adorable new listing I have going live today. I’m telling you, the decorating in this house is so frickin cute I want to spit.

Like really? That cowboy room? Kinda makes me wish I was a cowgirl.

And this desk in the master bath? I never realized I wanted a desk in my bathroom until now. Who thinks of stuff like that? Apparently my client does. So adorable.

While we were there Jonas stepped in dog poop in the yard. Then, when I put him in the car he managed to scrape it all over his carseat, and when he realized what he had done, he swung his foot up to get his leg out of the mess and scraped the remainder of the poop onto my shoulder. So we went to IHOP. I thought it might help us cheer up from all of the driving and saying good bye and dog poop. But really it was kind of just gross food. Lesson learned.


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