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Turkeys Who Trot

When I was in the shower this morning Jonas burst into the bathroom looking just like this:

Mom! This is what I’m going to wear to the Chicken Run! he exclaimed.

But by the time we actually left for the ‘Turkey Trot’ at Gray’s elementary school he’d decided that two clip-on ties was embarrassingly inappropriate and he was only going to wear one.

(I had to coax him through his humiliation so he would let me take that picture of him wearing them both by letting him take these pictures of me wearing both ties:


OK, Mom, if you wear them both in a picture then I will wear them both in a picture, he said. The part about how he feels sorry for me because I’m more ridiculous than he could ever be, was implied.)

Of course by halfway through the trotting he didn’t even want the single tie anymore and insisted I wear it on the pocket of my jeans.

He also required me to carry him around the school while we were trotting. Even though he’s four and weighs 35+ pounds. And because he’s my last baby and I’m a sucker, I did.

I hope your Thanksgiving Eve is as fun, fashionable and cardio-intensive as mine has been so far!


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