The highs and lows of parenting and real estate.

Totally Pointless

I would totally post today but I have to figure out how to leave comps for an appraiser I want him to use without totally looking like I’m trying to manipulate him. And also if I should include a topless photo of myself that ‘accidentally’ got mixed in with all those house info sheets.

Also I have to take the kids and my nephew to the train park or they’re going to band together and revolt. Apparently being on my computer and phone at all times with clients while alternately yelling, No TV!, You cannot play your Nintendo DS! and Read or play quietly! is not a valid parenting technique. At least according to local authorities.

Plus I’m in a book group that is reading Infinite Jest together this summer. It turns out this is not a book you can read after two glasses of wine with the TV on in the background. Which is sort of my default position when I’m not working, driving, parenting or cooking (ok, it’s my default position even when I’m doing the latter two). So it involves actually concentrating on something in a sober state of mind and is just really wearing me out, in general.

But hey, I did find someone who said she can fix the disgustingness that is my Zombie Toenail. I’m actually sort of surprised how repellant it is to everyone else. It doesn’t hurt or really gross me out that bad, but I have this feeling I can’t get away with close-toed shoes for the next year. I’ll post before and after pictures next week.

If it wasn’t for all of that I would totally post today. Wait, does this count?


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