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Top Posts of 2010

I’m working on a post about an interesting and enlightening experience I had showing property this weekend, but that won’t be ready until tomorrow at the earliest. So, as it is the first Monday of 2011, I thought I would take a minute to post a list of my favorite posts of 2010. I’ll start with five that other people have written and then five of mine.

My Top Five Favorite Posts Other People Wrote in 2010 (in no particular order):

The Bloggess’s Judgy Parenting Rant

Chuck at terriblemind’s Public Service Announcement About Your Novel

Beta Dad’s Worst Landlord Ever Story (I’ve already posted this once, but it merits being on this list.)

Hyperbole and a Half’s Expectations vs. Reality

Kristin LaVanway’s Video Blog About The Difference Between Men and Women

My Top Five (I think. These are the ones that stood out in my memory to me):

Buying a House is Like Baking Brownies

Open Letter to Seller/Agent

Real Estate Agent Does Not Equal Financial Adviser

A,B,Cs of Real Estate (for the AAR blog)

Buying a Shortsale is Like a Walk to the Beach

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