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Things That Made Me Happy This Week

I have a new appreciation for two things:

1. Insulation: I have to admit, my husband is definitely the handy one in our relationship. I may be creative and thrifty, but he’s the one who really knows the nuts and bolts of… well, nuts and bolts. During our bathroom remodel (which is nearing completion, pics to come!) he had to dismantle the entire glass block wall that separated the shower from the great outdoors and re-frame it. Water had been leaking into the wall for who-knows how long and several supporting beams were rotting away. The pink cotton candy-esque insulation inside the wall had practically disintegrated. We spent two sweltering nights with just a tarp over that wall shielding us from the heat and keeping the air conditioning inside. After that, he had the wall re-framed and sheet-rocked so that Contractor-Ed could begin tiling the shower. I thought we would be back to the usual coolness of our bedroom, but I was wrong. It was a busy next week and he didn’t have time to get to Home Depot to buy materials to finish the outside of the wall. Consequently, our bedroom was at least 10 degrees higher than normal. When he finally got around to putting in the insulation and outer wall piece of wood, it made a world of difference. Last night our room was nice and cool. Who knew that fluffy stuff and a bit of wood made such a difference?

2. The Sewer People: Did you know that if you live in Mesa and you have creatures crawling out of your drains you can call the City of Mesa Roach Hotline (480-644-3550) and they will come right out to check and if necessary, treat, your manholes? We didn’t have roaches (thank God), but we did have slugs regularly crawling out of the drain in our extra bathroom. I know, how gross is that? So I called that number last Friday and yesterday there was a little door hanger on our front door indicating they had checked and treated our manholes. Such service, and free!

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