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They Have a View of the San Tans From the Laundry Room

Days Spent Home Searching: 3
Emergency Stops to Feed the Gestating Baby: 2
Inappropriate Comments Made By Mr. Cowan Involving the Inordinately Large Shower in the Master Bath of the House They Bought: Only 1 (He was on his best behavior, I was so proud of him!)

My clients from the new build stalker chicken incident, The Cowans, closed on their new house last week!

Some clients I’ve had have been anxious to see every available property that would potentially meet their needs before they make a choice to put an offer on a house. In fact, I would say this mentality is the norm, rather than the occasion. And this makes sense. You generally want to feel like you’ve covered all of your options before making your largest purchase in approximately five years.

The Cowans are a different breed. We spent one long weekend checking out a handful of resales and stopped off at one new build community before they were ready to pull the trigger. I think what it came down to is that Amanda was really, a lot, a whole bunch, ready to move out of their itty bitty, ludicrously expensive apartment in California and back to Arizona near her kids’ cousins; and she wanted to do it before Baby #3 makes her glorious appearance. Chris, on the other hand, is just kind of a guy who knows what he wants (and isn’t real interested in shopping unless it involves electronics or biking gear). Together they created the perfect storm of decisive, motivated buyers. I actually had a couple more new build communities lined up for us to see and Chris said to me, “Uh, no. We’re done. We’re going to think about the houses we saw in this community tonight and make our decision.” I was fairly flabbergasted at this statement. Usually it’s the agent who’s ready to make a choice before the buyer is.

Regardless of how quickly they made their decision, I think the Cowans made the right pick. I know that I really shouldn’t have an opinion about whether a house is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ for my clients (it’s my job to merely facilitate what my client wants), but it’s really tough for me to abstain. I was born opinionated and I’ll hopefully die a wrinkly, old, bossy, opinionated (yet still fashionable) lady. Plus, it’s even tougher to remove my allegiance from the situation when the people I’m representing are good friends.

The point is, I think the Cowans are going to love their house that could fit the apartment they were living in, in California, three times over. I think their girls will adore their bedrooms and the giant play loft upstairs. I think they will right at home in Gilbert and so close to their cousins. And I think we will get to hang out with them lots more often.

And yes, they do have a view of the San Tans from the laundry room!

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