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The Zoo

Mesa Public Schools are having their spring break this week, so we decided Tuesday that a trip to the zoo was in order. The weather was a gorgeous sunny 75 and we even got to see the baby orangutan (briefly, his mother is very protective). Take a trip to the Phoenix Zoo before it gets too hot!

This is what Ben looked like the entire time at the zoo. He’s obsessed with maps and directed us everywhere. I’m telling you he’s better than OnStar.

If you look close you can see a little orangutan head next to his mommy’s chest. He was born January 27, 2006 and they have not yet named him.

Grandma went with us (she’s on spring break too).

Another cute little primate.

And this is Gray an hour after we got home. Yes, I’m a terrible mother. I always forget that just because it doesn’t feel hot out doesn’t mean you can’t get sunburned (especially when you have see-through skin like Gray).

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