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The Reunion

Don’t you hate when you’re too busy to blog about something that you wait so long to do it you’re totally bored with the topic? Yep, me too.

Basically here’s what it comes down to:

I enjoyed being on the reunion committee (or The RC, as we liked to refer to it) because it was really fun and interesting to meet people who I’d only heard about in high school. I actually like the snotty cheerleader I just assumed I would hate. I remembered why I enjoyed the company of one of my best friends from Jr. High. And that girl who was friends with lots of my friends, who I hadn’t really known? Well it turned out we probably would have been friends if we’d really known each other.

I also liked knowing exactly who was coming and hearing from people even before the reunion. It was fun to know that people were excited to come back and see other people from our class.

Being on the RC was a loser deal for a couple of reasons. Number one, there was just so much time and planning involved that getting excited about the actual event wore off after awhile. By the time I’d spent three hours sewing the tablecloth to put on the memorabilia table, I was ready for the whole thing to be over. Secondly, on the actual weekend of the event, we spent every waking hour picking up supplies, decorating, setting up, partying and finally cleaning up and recuperating. The entire experience was so exhausting that it’s a little difficult to look back on it and feel like it was really a fun time.

Regardless, it was fun to go back and see everyone. I hung out with the dancers from the company (most are married and pregnant or trying, a couple are making it big in New York or Hollywood), the nerds from my AP classes (doctors and lawyers or financial consultants who confessed they are tired or working so much and wondering if all the schooling was really worth it), the slackers I hung around with for entertainment value (still slackers, still hilarious) and ran into various other people I remembered a little bit, or not at all. Also, somehow, I didn’t see my husband for the entire 6 hours the reunion lasted. I’ve heard he hung out with the other husbands he knew and smoked cigars. Figures.

Me and My Girls Before the Reunion Madness

reunion before.jpg

Laughing with The Dancers At the Slideshow (We used to be so flexible!)


With Friends (That’s Roxanne from The Apprentice!)


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