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The Power of The Ombre’

Me (seeing my sister walk out dressed for lunch and shopping last Sunday): I like your shirt. I was totally thinking about wearing a chambray shirt too, today. I’m glad I didn’t, that would have been awkward.

Sarah: This is a “chambray” shirt?

Me: Yeah, that’s what they call those thin denim shirts.

Sarah: Huh. Learn something new every day.

Sarah (later, at lunch): I’m like pretty bitter at JLaw right now ever since I cut my hair like hers and it turned out to be a super high maintenance hair cut that never looks anything like how she does it.

Me: I tried to tell you…

Sarah: YOU DID NOT. You said it was cute.

Me: I said it was a cute style, but that she has a team of people who do it for her.

Sarah: That sounded a lot like, ‘You should totally get yours cut like that’ to me.

Me: Next time I’ll be less diplomatic.

My mom: Sarah, you should get an ombre’. They’re like super in. You’d look really cute with one.

Sarah (rolling her eyes): Mom, my hair’s not long enough for an ombre’.

Me: It would be more of an ‘om’.

Me (later in the dressing room at Anthro): This is a really cute shirt, right? I should totally get it, shouldn’t I?

My mom: YES. It’s super you. You have to get it.

Me: And it’s a chambray! Sarah, we can still match!

Sarah: That’s not just a chambray. That’s an ombre’ chambray.


And that’s how I stumbled on to the secret mystical power of The Ombre’. It turns out, The Ombre’ has the ability to make anything it rhymes with significantly more awesome than it already was. I submit to you as evidence:

A chambray shirt + An ombre’

chambray-shirt                  ombre_hair

= An Ombre’ Chambray

chambray ombre


So much better, right? But wait, it doesn’t stop there:

Laundry + An ombre’

laundry                 ombre_hair

= Ombre’ Laundry

laundry ombre

An entree + an ombre’

entre                   ombre_hair

= An Ombre’ Entree

entre ombre

Andre* + an ombre’

andre                    ombre_hair

= An Ombre’ Andre

andre ombre

I know, right? I just blew your mind. This is a clear case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. It may even work with things that don’t rhyme, but as this is untested, I can’t guarantee anything. Wield the power of the The Ombre’ wisely.

*Yes, this is a guy Jason used to work with who’s named Andre. No, I didn’t ask him if I could steal his picture off Facebook. Yes, I think he should be flattered I spent 2 hours photoshopping Christina Aguilera’s hair on to him.

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