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The Miracles of Modern Science

If you’ve visited our house recently, you’ve likely walked in the front door and said, “Well that’s an interesting addition to the decor…”

And I’ve said, “Ah yes. That’s a birthday balloon.”

You: I see that. Who’s birthday is it?

Me: Jason’s. February 3rd. You know, 69 days ago. His office gave it to him and he brought it home. Within 7 minutes Jonas had pulled the string off and it perched itself there. At first we were too lazy to get out a ladder and pull it down, but now we’re just kind of impressed with how long it’s lasted. We are researching if there’s a world record for helium-filled mylar balloons sticking to the ceiling in a stationary place. Bennett’s going to called Guinness (he’s the the family world records expert and liasion).

You: Right.



Additionally, with no relation to the above or really anything:

(Edited, because y’all are whiny babies about your TV shows, to add – THIS WEEK’S HOUSE SPOILER AHEAD)

Tuesday night we were watching House. The big boys were in bed and Jonas was drinking a sippy cup of milk and snuggling with Jason. We usually let him stay up 10 minutes after the other boys go to bed so he can settle down and not disrupt them when he goes to bed. Did you see Tuesday’s House episode? The one with the sick guy who’s a hoarder? And so House sends the Aussie and Jane from Joan of Arcadia’s uptight twin sister over to the guy’s house to look for things that might be making him sick? And Jane sees two human feet under a tarp against a pile of crap? And she lifts up the tarp and you’re waiting for it to be a rotting corpse or just two ankle stumps or something grody, but it’s just an actual living girl?

All of this happened too quickly for us to realize it was getting gross and slap a hand over Jo’s eyes, so he saw the whole scene. His reaction?

Jonas: She’s not a dead person! She’s alive!

It’s like he’s this tiny little adult who actually understands EVERYTHING suddenly. I keep thinking he’s just a little tuned out lump. Probably time for him to stop watching medical dramas with us. At least until he’s 13.

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