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The Historic District

I was perusing the housing listings on the multiple listing service today, trying to become more acquainted with the different types of searching functions, and I stumbled upon the historic district listings. It was like opening a treasure chest. I checked out homes and condos that spanned the price spectrum and was equally delighted by each one I found. I’m drawn to the idea of old homes. I like that they used to be made as individuals, rather than as a part of a subdivision where there are only four different models. I like that they are often remodeled; old on the outside, but new and modern on the inside. I like that they have interesting little niches that make them different from any other home. I love that they’ve often had many owners and families who’ve occupied them over the years.

If I was single and working downtown, this would be my dream place. I love the remodeling they’ve done. It looks sleek and modern but with plenty of built-in bookshelves to make it warm and comfortable. It’s right downtown in the middle of the city life and amazing restaurants. The HOA fee pays for almost all needed utilities. It seems like a dream to me.

I find this little gem adorable too. I’m fascinated by the guest house in the back. Is that where you put the teenagers when they’re especially surly?

Now this one is where I will live someday when my kids are in college and I’ve written my novel and am a famous published author. I will create amazing epicurean delights (because it’s not just called dinner in a kitchen like that) on those fabulous granite counter tops with that gorgeous subzero as an aid. I can see expensive original artwork on those walls and modern, but comfortable furniture on those beautiful floors.

Yes, the historic district is a treat. Do you want to go see it with me? We can just pretend you’re looking to buy…

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