The highs and lows of parenting and real estate.

The Headbox War

Spoiler Alert: They don’t love me.

Me: Now listen, you guys! You’re just screwing around up there, but someone needs to find the headbox! It has not just disappeared. It exists uptairs somewhere and you need to find it. In fact, I’m going to put 10 minutes on the timer and if you haven’t found the headbox by then, I’m going to start by grounding you from your electronic devices for two days and go from there!

Gray from upstairs: Jonas had the headbox last!

Jonas from upstairs: No I didn’t! Mom, what did you do with the headbox last time you were using it for your pictures on your website?

Me: I put it upstairs where it belongs. You guys have done something with it. All of the heads can’t just be gone!

Jonas: I think it’s up here but it’s empty.

Me: Why is it empty?! There were like 50 Lego heads in there!

Gray: I think we dumped all the heads in with the other Legos in one of the big boxes.

Me: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? Do you have any idea how long I spent digging through the Legos to filter all the heads out? I feel like what you’re saying right now is Happy Mother’s Day, we don’t really love you.

Jonas (coming down the stairs): What are you eating?

Me: Nutella.

Jonas: Why am I not allowed to eat Nutella out of the jar with a spoon?

Me: Because it’s made of hazelnuts and Dad and I are too lazy to Google it and figure out if hazelnuts are really in the nut family and you’re allergic to them or if they’re like pinenuts and only nut in name. Plus you’re not practically 36 with terrible kids who don’t appreciate all of your hard Lego-organizing work. When you’re 36 and you have terrible kids you can eat as much Nutella out of the jar with a spoon as you want… unless we find out hazelnuts are actually nuts.

Jonas: Oh.

Me: You only have 7 minutes left on the timer to find as many heads as you can in the big Lego box, so you better get working. I’m going to ground you if you don’t find enough.

Gray: How many is enough?

Me: If you love me you’ll find them all.

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