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The Good, The Bad and The Pretty

Probably all three of these things could be separate posts, but they are all fresh on my mind from the weekend, so you’re getting them all in a clump:

The Good – The Boat Parade at Dobson Ranch

Last Friday night we took a ride on my parents’ Christmas decorated pontoon boat:

We rode out to one of the several parks on the lake and met up with the 13 other contestants in the Dobson Ranch Boat Parade. It was too fun. I tend to be a bit scroogey about all of the hoopla that surrounds the holidays, but this was a holiday event that got me in the spirit. We played holiday music from a stereo on the boat, but one of the other boats had a live band on board playing carols. It was awesome. The winning boat was made up to look like a pirate ship full of Santa’s:

And here’s my attempt to catch the boats all lit up when it was dark:

The Bad – Sale Day at the Montage Condo Conversions

Saturday morning I got up early and met my clients who have been looking to buy a condo up in North Scottsdale out at the first sale day of a complex they have been particularly interested in. We had visited and checked out the models a few weeks before and they liked it enough to be preapproved with the preferred lenders at the complex and make an appointment on sale day. We were told our appointment was at 11 am and our slot number was 73. We assumed this meant that we were number 73 on the list to purchase one of the 200 units. We were very very wrong. The entire event was a circus. We had to valet park our cars and then were put on a shuttle to a tent in the complex. In the first tent we were told to wait until our appointment time was called. It quickly became apparent that we were actually number 73 in the 11 am time slot. There was a time slot called every half hour starting at 7:30 am and EACH ONE had roughly 100 people in it. Once our time was called we were checked in and ushered to another tent where we waited, standing, for several hours for them to call our names. At least an hour before this happened, the announcer (most annoying announcer EVER) declared that all units were sold out. We continued to wait just to put our names on a backup list. It was a dismal, spirit crushing experience. We are officially back to the drawing board.

The Pretty – My First Hat!

I spent most of yesterday knitting a hat for Gray:

I felted it this morning and will post pictures of it when it’s totally done. I’m going to make one in the opposite color scheme for Ben (green with a brown stripe). Fun!

Hope you all had crazy fun weekends too!

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