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A friend forwarded me this article today. It’s interesting, and not totally negative, though I tend to disagree with the pretentious notion that Phoenix is not as ‘cool’ as New York City or Seattle. Anyway, it reminded me that I have yet to champion one of my very favorite, way ‘cool’ and totally unique to Arizona places to soak up a bit of art: The Center for Creative Photography. Of course, this museum is actually in Tucson, so it’s not technically a selling point for Phoenix, but it’s only an hour and a half away and so worth the drive. It is the largest photography archive and research center in the nation. It has an amazing gallery with shows that rotate monthly or bimonthly. It is home to almost all of Ansel Adams’ original works and negatives. Amazingly, you can even schedule an appointment and choose any works in their achieves you want to see, and they will put together a private viewing for you. It’s an edgy, inspiring and awesome museum. And no one else has one like it. So maybe, Ms. Silverman, you’re just not cool enough to know about all the really great places… have you ever thought of that?

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