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The Butterfly Pavilion

Spring time in Phoenix is a fleeting event. It always seems that one minute I’m rejoicing over shedding my winter windbreaker and the next I’m complaining about my flip-flops melting to the asphalt. There’s just not much there in between. Arizona is like a finely made automobile: 0 to 110 in nothing flat (OK, so it’s never actually been zero degrees here… but you catch my drift). There is, however, one actual, bona fide, non-egg-hunting spring time event to be anticipated and enjoyed here in Phoenix: The Butterfly Pavilion.

Ben and I attended this for the first time last year. We went on a Friday in early April and brought floppy hats, sunscreen and our cameras. We paid our admission to the Desert Botanical Gardens (which, I loathe to admit, that even though I’m a native, I’d never been to before) and wandered back through the desert plants and beautiful copper sculptures. We waited in line at a large, shaded green house. When it was our turn to enter, we stepped into a quiet, cool natural sanctuary. Colorful flowers and lush green plants filled it. People, young and old moved carefully and calmly through the pavilion, stopping to gaze at the hundreds of butterflies that flitted around the greenery. The butterflies seemed almost as curious as their youngest observers. They landed briefly on our shoulders and heads and then glided away to drink from the bird baths with orange slices floating in them. Ben was amazed and delighted by the spectacle. He took his first photos that day and enjoyed every moment.

Every year this event is offered. It would make for an excellent and creative date, or an amazing outing for the kids. You don’t want to miss this perk of the desert.

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