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Survival of the Circusiest

Have you guys heard? The preppers were right; the world is definitely descending in to chaos. This is it, guys. It’s the big one. I’ve seen not, one, but two signs of the apocalypse in the last 24 hours:

1. It’s raining like a whole lot in Phoenix. No, like really a ton. Things are getting super wet that are normally completely dry. People are freaking the eff out. My sister texted a picture of the orchestra pit in her auditorium at the school she’s an assistant principal at, full of water. Cars are under water on freeways. Most everyone I know is working from home, or just standing at the window, mesmerized, wondering how people who live in Seattle ever get anything done because the rain is absolutely fascinating.

Of course, Jason was super irritated and eye-rolly about the whole thing this morning because he’s from Portland and rain is more scared of him than he is of it.

But the point is: This shit is not normal. And it’s clearly a sign of the end of days.

2. FORMAL SWEATPANTS ARE A THING. I went to lunch and shopping at Kierland yesterday with my mom and my sister and in several of the stores sweatpants ($75-130 sweatpants) were displayed like they’re not just for wiping chili cheese frito dust off your fingers on when you’re too sucked into binge-watching Breaking Bad to get up after you ate an entire bag yourself. It was like the clothing industry got together to play a big April Fools joke on all of us: No, totally, you should pay $100 for what you can literally walk into your closest Walmart and pay $7 for and look equally schlumpy in. Except it’s not April and these lunatics are fucking serious. Really guys? Toile print sweatpants? For wearing in public? Are we animals?

This can mean nothing but that we’ve outlived our usefulness as human beings on this planet and the Universe is about to clear the slate and start over.

So, you know, make your peace with your chosen deity(ies), take stock of your personal survival talents, and always remember, don’t eat the white or cream colored berries.

Anyway, mostly I’m really blogging to post the promised video of my aerial performance at my circus school’s student show this weekend. In general, I felt good about how it went. We had a little tangle at the beginning, that (of course) had never happened in rehearsal before and felt like it took about 17 minutes to resolve, but in watching the video it seems to go by pretty quick. I also rushed the ending because I was nervous that we were out of music. But I did nail the effing front walkover at the beginning with no stutter-steps (I’ve been working on that for weeks. It looks shitty when you burble your feet a bunch as you step out) and the rest was mostly clean, too.

And best of all? IT’S OVER!!!



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