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Sunday at Shemer

We just got home from Sunday at Shemer, an art fair in Phoenix at the Shemer Art Center on Camelback. We went because a colleague of Jason’s has a girlfriend who was exhibiting her paintings. He invited Jason and told him there would be kids activities as well.

It was a gorgeous day and I’m so so sorry that I forgot to load my memory card into the camera before we left. The sun was shining and the museum sits right up against Camelback Mountain. We walked around looking at booths of original art, the kids painted paper lanterns and made their own colored silly putty, we ate Honeybears BBQ and sat in the grass and listened to the jazz band. It was a perfect afternoon.

Two of my favorite of the artists were this artist and this one. I love seeing things I like and getting to speak to the actual artist as well.

Today was one of those days I wish we had more of. It made me think we need to have less on our schedule and more fun family outings. In no time at all the kids will be big and we won’t have opportunities like this anymore.

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