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Sometimes the stars align

It was an amazing day today. Believe it or not, I showed my first house and wrote my first offer, both on the same house. When I woke up this morning at 5, I had no clients. Now, at 11:47pm, I have an adorable family of clients (OK, so maybe they are my best friend’s sister, who I’ve known for a zillion years, and her husband and two daughters, but they’re still adorable) and they have an official offer on the table.

Christy and the girls

Here’s how it went down (just the basics, I’ve got to sleep eventually):
This morning, Christy emailed me that she and Mark might be interested in looking at houses, would I like to get together? I emailed back, OF COURSE! She sent me the basics of what they were looking for and the area they wanted to end up in and i did a quick search. Just one property fit their specifications exactly. I sent her the basics and she jumped right on it, “Let’s go see it!” That email left me instantly elated and terrified. I immediately called her sister to hyperventillate: “OK, talk to me like my friend, not like you’re sister’s sister. What am I going to do?? What if they want to make an offer?!” She giggled and calmed me down. I realized before I showed the house I still needed to get a lockbox key. I drove home from my still current full time job, picked up my boys and headed to the lockbox office. I spent some more money (in the interest of earning, of course) and we watched a 15 minute video on how to use the lockbox (my 4 year old has it down, let me tell you). Then we made a quick stop home to pick up snacks and diapers and headed out to the new house. Christy had her girls and her mom there too, so it was one big party. All immediately loved the house. Plans were made to drop the kids with spouses or relatives and to bring her husband, Mark back that night. Of course (in case you couldn’t see it coming from the beginning of the story), he loved it as well. And so an offer was born.

Miracles that occured today:
I found them the perfect house on the first try!
I managed to grab the correct paperwork when I raded the office.
The nine pages of legally approved contract were filled out.

And now the real work begins….

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