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Sick of Condo Deceits

I’ve been sick, AGAIN. It was just a cold, this time, so not nearly as bad as the flu we had recently, but still not fun. I do have to give credit to the latest technologies in cold medicines, however. I am in love with those melt-away sore throat lozenge strips. I thought they were gimmicky at first, but now I keep them in my nightstand drawer for when I wake up in the middle of the night with a sore throat that keeps me from falling back asleep. You know, the kind where you swallow because you think it will make it feel better, but really that only makes your throat more raw and then it hurts worse? These are PERFECT for that. They melt in like 10 seconds and numb your throat and then you can go right back to sleep. LOVE them.

Anyway, when I wasn’t testing pharmaceutical advancements this weekend, I went condo-searching again with some newly acquired clients. They are leaning toward a subdivision called Montage up on Scottsdale and the 101. It’s a brand new condo conversion (apartment complex that is usually remodeled to some degree and then sold off in pieces as condos) that goes on sale December 3rd. We are checking around to make sure there is nothing they like better. My latest pet peeve is agents who fudge the date the complex was built in the MLS. They think that because something has been completely remodeled they can call it built in 2005. This is very irritating to clients who are looking for a brand new style and show up at a complex that is 20 years old and looks like it has a brand new coat of paint. Unfortunately, this deceit is quite common.

That was my weekend in a nutshell. Hope you’re staying healthy and looking forward to the short week!

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