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Shut up! It’s the Bloggies!

The finalists for the 2006 Weblog Awards are up! Yep, there are actually awards for things like Best Craft Blog. I found them yesterday from another site I read daily, and am fully entertained by their existence. Especially amusing to me is the fact that several of the blogs I read regularly are nominated, but so are a few of the ones Jason is always talking about. Which just goes to show you that the Bloggies cater to quite a varied audience.

Anyway, the reason you should check the Bloggies out is to find out what you’ve been missing. For instance, I realized that I do not have a food blog I read daily, which, considering how much I love food, is a major oversight. Now I have the five finalists to choose from. I also plan to check out some of the Best Designed Blogs for ideas to update the look of my site (coming soon!). There really is something for everyone. Go on, head on over.

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