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Showing Snapshots – 1/21/11 through 1/24/11

I showed tons of property over the weekend. Here are some shots for my Nearly Wordless Wednesday.

Tempe on Friday:

A fabulous kitchen in a strange Tempe neighborhood. The houses were newish (2006) and highly upgraded in a Tuscan kind of way, but close together and to the street.

Trees out the tiny window in the Tuscan house.

Chandler on Saturday:

This pool was so gross my buyer said even if it was drained and cleaned she didn't think she could ever swim in it. We wondered if there was a dead body at the bottom.

There were totally fish in it.

This house was really nicely repainted and recarpeted. It felt totally move-in ready. This doormat stain stood out as the last vestige of the previous owners

Seeing a half-filled pool makes me nervous. The people who know pools say in Arizona if a pool is left empty for more than a day or so it will need to be resurfaced because it will be irreparably damaged by the sun.

North Scottsdale on Sunday:

DC Ranch is gorgeous. Especially from mountain-facing patios.

I loves me a margarita bar! (Any pool with swim up seating is a 'margarita bar', FYI.) If you buy a house like this with me as your agent, you can expect me to randomly show up at your house with my swimsuit and a pitcher of margaritas from time to time.

Whoever owned this large, pricey house before the bank foreclosed on it may have had some artistic talent, but absolutely no taste. There was a lot of effort put into making that drywall column look like stone. A lot of wasted effort.

Oh, and look! An actual wooden garden gate over a faux finish garden. Weirdos.


Please, please, no more. I'm allergic to tacky and I'm starting to get a rash.

And finally, Fountain Hills on Monday:

Not a bad view for a $230K townhouse in Fountain Hills, huh?

I had to touch these flowers because I thought they might be fake. They weren't. Love them.

This tree made me feel like I was somewhere with actual seasons.

I love a nice clear shot of Four Peaks. Of course from this back yard you'd need a hightop table almost in the pool to enjoy it.

Water run-off for montaintop living.

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