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Rooftop Patios – My New Love

I took out two sets of buyers yesterday (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) to look at urban Phoenix properties. I’m really starting to like these condos and lofts. Some are incredibly cleverly put together.

My two sets of clients were in very different price ranges, and with both, we visited a very diverse set of listings, so in general, I got a pretty comprehensive tour of urban life in Phoenix.

We saw one bedroom lofts in the $400K price range (gorgeous and modern) and a 2 bed/2 bath for $109K. One spacious condo had an entire wall of windows next to the master bathroom shower, which only had a frosted glass wall through to the living room (my clients were not thrilled about this and the idea of their grandchildren visiting them there).

My favorite part of these properties is the rooftop patios. I actually think I could really get into the idea of living in a high-rise condo (if I didn’t have kids) if I knew that I could head up to the rooftop at night and look at the lights over the city; or even take a swim in the pool that looks out over the city in the afternoon. What an amazing luxury.

I took a few videos of rooftops we visited yesterday. Bear with me on the sound, it was super windy and I was obviously without a script. I also really need to work on panning more slowly. A twitter buddy (@tdhurst) pointed this out to me on one of my other video attempts and I obviously did not take that critique into account when I was doing these. I will remember for next time.

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