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Reasons I Don’t Have Time to Blog Today

1. I’m too busy trying to figure out why Google+ is the really awesome place to be and connect with people even though I only have 48 friends there and every single one of them is also my friend on Facebook.

2. I just bought Bossypants on my Kindle and I really need to read it right now because Tina Fey and I have the same birthday and we both have brown hair of roughly the same length so I’m sure we’re meant to be best friends. If I read the book really quickly then when I run into her randomly at some point I’ll have talking points to naturally steer us toward bestfrienddom in a totally non-creepy-stalkerish way.

3. I’m too busy trying to decide if I still have time to go on a lemon water fast and lose 8 pounds before we leave for vacation on Saturday morning. While I eat the cookies and Chili  Cheese Fritos I bought to take on the trip.

4. I’m holding a contest between my laptop, my Kindle, my Droid and my iPad to see who can update my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ most quickly and efficiently. My Kindle is losing, but I keep getting distracted by Tina and Bossypants, so she’s still in the running for best and favorite electronic media provider.

5. If you don’t prepare for the vacation by regularly relaxing, doing nothing and having fun in the days leading up you’re just asking to pull a muscle during the vacation. Additionally, not being in proper shape might cause your fun-having muscles to be so atrophied that you can’t even complete the vacation. Failure is not an option for me. I’ve worked too hard for that to happen. I’m busy with a strict training regimen; is what I’m saying.

6. I had to clean my house for the cleaning people to come actually clean it this morning. It was a really lot of work. Not probably as much work as actually cleaning the house would have been, but it was still pretty exhausting.

7. I just woke up from a nap. It was ridiculously time-consuming.

8. I’m too busy making a list of reasons why I don’t have time to blog today. Wait… does this count?

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