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Real Estate Buffet

In theory, today being Wednesday, I should have a food post for you. But yesterday I managed to both burn and under-cook the stir-fry I was attempting to serve my family. I think I’m in a bad place with food this week.

So instead, I’m going to offer you a buffet of links. Each of these is something I ran across this week and has something to do with real estate. I’m not promising it’s new content, though. It’s like the TJ Maxx of link roundups; not necessarily current, but still good stuff.

1. I started reading Beta Dad’s blog this week. His stories about his twin daughters and giant, terrified dog are pretty hilarious, but his post about The Worst Landlord Story Ever is totally enthralling and a lesson to those who think owning a rental property is just about getting a tenant in and sitting back to collect the rent.

2. I have a new post up on the AAR Blog about how being a real estate agent has effected my sense of socially appropriate time frames (it’s a wonder Sage still posts my blogs; they’re almost never useful in any real way).

3. An agent friend, Liz (yes, all female Arizona real estate agents are named Elizabeth, didn’t you know that?), sent me this video last night and I was crying, it was so funny, and true. And weird. I loves me a little weird.

4. I stumbled across this blog post a month or so ago when looking for other real estate blogs with a little bit of an edge. It’s an open letter to the National Association of Realtors about the yearly dues they charge to us lowly agents to be members. It made me giggle.

Next week I’ll try to pull out of my food funk and bring you something delicious on Wednesday. But I’m not promising anything.

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