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Random Shots

I showed a house in Dobson Ranch on the water the other day. When I drove in through the neighborhood (it’s on a street I hadn’t been down before) on the way to the house I was surprised at the beauty of the homes (even though they are all 25-plus years old) and the peacefulness of the street. When I pulled up to the house I was showing I was immediately charmed. It had a lovely manicured lawn and mature trees. My favorite part was a sweet pair of ducks relaxing in the shade of one of the trees.

They just seemed so comfortable and at home on the lawn, that at first I wasn’t even sure they were real. The closer I got, however, the more protective the male became. The ducks won me over for that house before I’d even walked through the door.

(If you want to see it, contact me; it’s still on the market!)

And one more little bitty brag:

Look at my cute little genius! The kid is NOT EVEN FIVE! He LOVES to read. OK, OK, I’ll quit with my munchkins (for the moment…).

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