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Rad Things

I stole the idea for these nails from Kara (who I met IRL the other night and she’s totally adorable). I’d seen them in the grocery store calling my name, seducing me. Come buy me, I’m awesome. If you wore me you’d be young and hip again. OK, you were never really hip, but you might be now. Except no one says hip anymore. You’d be off the chain – or something. Sorry, even I don’t keep up with the terminology any more. But I’d resisted because stuff like that is never as cool as it looks in the package. Then I saw them on Kara’s blog and I swear to Beelzebub I made a special trip out to Walgreens right then to get them. I packed Jonas in the car with no shoes and we went right over and got them. OK, I also needed tomato soup for my dinner recipe. But it was practically only for the awesome nail sticker things. Yes, I was that lady ahead of you in line at Walgreens with a shoeless three year old buying hounds tooth nail stickers and a single can of condensed tomato soup. And they did not disappoint. I think I might be younger and hipper now. Or something about a chain. Rad. Certainly radder.

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