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Property Managment is NOT for Me

I’m in Con Ed hell. No, not that Nicholas Cage movie. That’s Con Air. Con Ed is much scarier and there’s even WORSE hair involved. It stands for Continuing Education. I have to take 24 hours of Con Ed every 2 years, and I always, inevitably leave it until the last minute. I was always that kid in high school who hadn’t even read the book the night before the paper was due (I was too busy reading what I wanted to be bothered).

At this point I’m 3 months out from my license renewal deadline and I just started my classes. You’d think I’d learn. But of course, you’d be wrong. If I would just learn to take one class every three months I would be fine. Maybe I’ll do that next time. And maybe Jonas won’t burn down the house before he reaches the age of 7. You never know. Miracles do occur.

Today I sat through three hours of Contract Law on the new Arizona Department of Real Estate Approved Property Management Agreement. I’ve been registering for classes only based on whether they fulfill the hours I need and whether they fit into my schedule, so when I walked in and took my seat, I didn’t even remember what I had signed up for.

As I don’t manage property, it wasn’t a class that was super relevant to my work. The material was interesting, though, and I picked up some new stuff.

Things I learned In Property Management Con Ed:

1. Holy crap there’s a LOT of legal liability in property management.

2. I thought I dealt with the crazies, but apparently I only get the crazies who are sane enough to support a reasonable credit score. Property Management gets the real fruitcakes.

3. The tax paperwork and implications involved in being a Property Manager are enough to keep me far far away from that profession.

4. is a good way to find out if the house you’re living is current on the mortgage.

5. is a great way to find out (and track for legal purposes) whether an email you’ve sent has been read. I might have to start using this in my personal life for those people who refuse to respond to my emails (you know who you are).

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