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Obviously, this website is geared toward the general public of Arizona. I am a licensed real estate agent in Arizona, and most of my real estate stories and advice are particular to the laws and market trends of my state. However, I know that not everyone who reads my site actually lives in Arizona. I appreciate you out of staters. I know you come for my recipes (I get hits from Google for recipes more often than anything else on my site) or my crafts or my parenting stories, but I hope to also offer you some real estate substance.

One of the benefits of working for such a large and well connected company (Century 21 is said to have the most name recognition of any real estate company) is that I have ridiculous amounts of resources. Century 21 has paired with Cendant to provide a service called Outbound Referrals. This was originally developed for people relocating but can be used in many ways. It allows me to refer you to a Realtor in your area who can meet your needs and even accommodate your personality type.

Here is how it works: You live in Georgia and need a real estate agent to help you sell your house, but you don’t know anyone. You’ve read my site before (for my Crockpot Pork Roast recipe) so you contact me to see if maybe I can offer you some advice to finding an agent. I give your name, phone number and general needs to my Relocation department. Lindsay, who works in my office and is very nice, calls you and does an assessment of your needs and wants. She will ask you about the type of person you would feel comfortable with (highly analytical? touchy-feely?) as well as the area you live, how quickly you want to sell, etc. She will then call our Cendant contact in Georgia and relay all of this information. An agent, who has to meet certain educational and experience standards, will be assigned to contact you and help you with your transaction. In theory, this agent will be your perfect match. It’s a little bit like Internet dating.

This also works, of course, if you already live in Arizona and are relocating out of state. In addition, we have many world-wide contacts.

So if you live anywhere but here, don’t think I can’t be of service. I appreciate that you read my site and I want to help you too!

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