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Open House, Right Now!

I am currently holding my East Mesa listing open right now. I have cookies and fliers and a super cute house to look at, so if you’re brave enough to make it through the rain and cold, get out here and see me!

In other news, I have been busy as usual. I have a new listing out in Maricopa that I am just waiting to post about until I have pictures that do it justice. It is very cute and nicely upgraded.

I also photographed a wedding last night. You didn’t know that I’m the multitasker extrodinare did you? It was a good time. I only do weddings on a strictly referral basis, but as my husband reminded me last night, it’s fun to meet families and see them so happy and beautiful and it keeps my skills sharp (it was that time of the night when I was 7 hours and 900 photos in to the wedding day and desperately wanting to crawl under the table with a cocktail and a pillow).

This was the bride:


Her name is Elizabeth, also, but it was OK, because her family and close friends call her Buffy, and my family and close friends call me Mini, so instead of Elizabeth and Elizabeth we were Buffy and Mini (yes, yes, you can feel sorry for those of us given long names at birth, we are destined to live our lives answering to names usually reserved for poodles).

Anyway, the weather held, the wedding was beautiful and kids in dressy outfits kill me, so it was enjoyable night all around. Check these two out:


He is the five year old nephew of the groom and she is the three year old niece (they’re kissing cousins). She was not thrilled about being forced to wear a dress and tights and parade around on the orders of grownups everywhere, so this was almost the only moment she wasn’t throwing a fit the whole night. Except, of course, for this point:


Can’t say I blame her.

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