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One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Sing it with me: One of these things just doesn’t belong.

I went on a listing presentation appointment in a neighborhood close to my house last Friday. It was an adorable house and would be a dream to sell, so I’m really hoping they decide to use me, but for this post, that is all beside the point.

I was a bit early (as I am apt to be), so I drove down the street for awhile to kill some time. Like I said, it’s a neighborhood close to my house, but I can’t say I go driving around inside it very often. I came upon these three houses, right in a row:




That’s correct, right in the middle of this modest, mid-70s, West Mesa neighborhood someone decided to knock down their house and build a brand new veritable castle. And in case you missed it, yep, that is an oven outside of the next door neighbor’s house that is labeled ‘Free (It Works!)’:


Bizarre. Just bizarre.

When I told Jason about this house, he said it reminded him of the Double House in Dobson Ranch:


It’s definitely equally bizarre. I think I was in Junior High when the family who lived to the right bought the house to the left and built them together. It sits next to this teeny little thing:


I guess it’s their prerogative. Apparently both projects were OKed by the HOAs, so who am I to judge?

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