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Oceanfront property in Arizona (ok, not actually oceanfront)…

I have a new client who is interested in waterfront properties. Because of this I have been doing some serious research on neighborhoods with lakes in the East Valley. There are several, in particular, that I have paid close attention to: Val Vista Lakes, Dobson Ranch, The Islands, The Springs, Ocotillo Lakes and The Lakes. I knew that I needed more information about these areas, but I was having trouble nailing it down. Then I found this website.

The Arizona Neighborhoods site is a great resource. It has maps of each community, a list of schools, fire stations and parks, and even general info on properties for sale in each area. I recommend looking up your own neighborhood just to see if you can learn anything.

Speaking of the waterfront, this is the view from a home in The Islands in Gilbert that I visited this evening. With all of this talk and gorgeous pictures of properties on lakes, Jason and I have been thinking: We could live like that… But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; we have a remodel to undertake.

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