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Now I Can Rest On My Laurels, Right?

I know this is a total cop-out for a Friday post, but I’m doing it anyway, so get over it. This blog (really this post) totally won an award!! I know, you already heard about it because it’s been all over the national news and stuff.

Kris Berg over at The San Diego Home Blog (who I’ve been assured by Sage Dillon over at the AAR Blog is “awesome. And she called your post awesome. So that’s awesome squared”) hosted this month’s Carnival of Real Estate roundup. Basically, we real estate bloggers who wanted to participate submitted our favorite post of the month to Judge Berg and she picked her favorites. I’m so very proud to have come out on top! I can now officially feel like one of those little independent films that gets all the ‘critical acclaim’ but no one ever sees them and they never make any money.

Next month is hosted by the Zillow blog (who I fully have no chance at receiving any kind of acclaim from because I called Zillow a jolly green giant toe sucker in my last AAR blog post, without realizing they would obviously have a Google-alert on their name and would therefore read my childish insults and respond in a more mature manner). I think Kristin LaVanway should totally submit this vid she did last night, even though it’s not super real estate related because she’s a real estate agent and it’s hilarious:

So that’s it for today. It’s a link-a-thon. If Kris Berg links to me and I link to her are we like two mirrors facing each other that do nothing but reflect each others’ reflections into infinity?

Look, baby pictures (this is a technique I call ‘Distracting You From Lack of Content With Adorableness’):

Baby Colby James Huckelberry born yesterday! I'm an Aunt! And a proud one at that; what a darn cutie.

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