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My Personal Mendoza Line

One of my Facebook friends pointed out yesterday that within 12 hours of each other I posted the two following status updates:

Having one of those moments where I feel totally lucky and fulfilled. My people, my activities, my art. what else could I need? #lucky


i’m not going to kill my children, i’m not going to kill myself, i’m going to make it through. #todaysmantra

Embarrassingly, yes, I did. I can only offer three explanations:

1. I was drinking wine when I posted the first and I hadn’t even had my first Diet Coke of the day when I posted the second.

2. I tend toward an overly dramatic nature.

3. I am most happy with a life full to the brim of a wide variety of activities, people and creative pursuits. Unfortunately, this means there is an extraordinarily fine line between “Happy! Joy! Fun! Love life!” and soul-killing chaos and insanity. I often find myself being crushed under an avalanche of my own creation made up of parties and commitments and art projects. It’s a pretty, sparkly avalanche, to be sure, but I still can’t breathe under it’s weight. Someday I’ll die a horrible, bedazzled death by overcommitment suffocation.

Take today, for instance. Today has already fallen below the Mendoza Line of happiness and functionality. (<- I had to look up what exactly the Mendoza Line was to make sure it wasn’t a reference to some sort of immigration tragedy or something else horribly inappropriate to this situation. Turns out it’s a baseball thing and perfectly appropriate. Whew.)

Things I Must Without Fail Accomplish Today:

Dinner in the crockpot and photographed for tomorrow’s food blog

75 pages of financial information hand labeled with the loan number and faxed in to the lender (on my idiot fax machine that has to be babied through the process) for one of my short sale listings

Comps run and sent to one of my buyers

T-shirts ordered in person at BrandX in Tempe, for my team for the crazy race thing this weekend

Shower taken

Kids dropped with my sister

Drive up to Desert Ridge to write a new build contract with a buyer

Evite for my dad’s 60th birthday party sent

Blog (progress!)

Impediments To Completing These Things:

Gray woke up with a horrible barking cough reminiscent of the time when he was 18 months old and we took him to the ER. Do 7 year olds still get croup?

Jonas woke up with his normal personality and I’ve had to restrain myself from throttling him already 6 times.

The only possible way I’ll get through all of this is if absolutely nothing new crops up that needs to be accomplished in the next 12 hours. And I’ve already gotten 3 client emails.

Things I’ve Actually Accomplished So Far Today:

Going to the grocery store in my jammies and without having brushed my teeth because we’ve been out of milk for two days.

Going to a second grocery store because the first one didn’t have the pork tenderloin I need for tonight’s dinner.

Swearing loudly under my breath because the cereal we bought at the first store was a third of the price at the second store.

Yelling at my kids to Stop touching that, or so help me Jesus! and I don’t care who had the green blanket first, the green blanket is now mine forever because you fought over it and STOP MAKING THAT NOISE, YOU’RE GROUNDED FOREVER FOR MAKING THAT NOISE, 67, 28 and 105 times each respectively.


No worries, I’m sure by the end of the day I’ll be chin-deep in a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, loving my life and scheduling tomorrow up to the gills.

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