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My new digs

This weekend we spent much of our free time setting up my new home office. I now have a desk, filing cabinet, chair, lamp and a fax/copier/printer. It exists, of course, in the only free space we had in our house, our bedroom. I love having my own space to file important papers and plug all of my electronic devices into. So far my new office has only presented two problems:

1. We turned the new fax on, tested it and then left it on for a few hours while we were home. Come to find that literally hours after I have set up our new fax phone number, we have received fax spam! So we learned our first lesson: keep the fax off unless we’re sending or know we’re receiving.

2. At night, before I go to bed I set my various electronic tools up to charge on my desk, as my husband, Jason, has helpfully wired my desk to facilitate. I have my cell phone, my laptop, the digital camera and my supra lockbox key. Last night, when I shut off the lights to go to sleep, all of the little charger lights combined were enough light to read by. Hmm… I may have to do something about that one.

Other than that, I love my new office! Don’t you love it too?

Home office

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