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My 'I Hate' Video

My husband and I watch the show Tosh.0 every week. It’s a Comedy Central show that runs viral internet clips and discusses them. The ‘Tosh’ is Daniel Tosh, a comedian. The man isn’t politically correct by any stretch of the imagination, but he makes me pee my pants even while he’s offending my gender, political affiliation, hair color, height, religion or race.

Awhile ago Tosh did a segment about the ‘I hate’ video phenomenon. I don’t know if the guy he showed is the first guy to do it or just the most hilarious, but Tosh also did one. Watch both here. (Keeping in mind that Daniel Tosh’s opinions in no way represent the opinions of the ElizabethNewlin website. And also making sure there are no children around when you watch it.)

I was so amused by the video I decided to do my own:

(Can I just say that I hate how my bangs got all weird and progressively more split in half while I did those videos? SIGH.)

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