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My Favorite Cupcakes, By Aunt

I’m sure you’ve heard that I’m an Aunt now (with a capital A, like the royal ‘We’). It’s a pretty prestigious title, I know. It carries some hefty responsibilities, too. I’m fully prepared to give romantic advice when he’s 14 and doesn’t want to talk to his parents. I’ll even help him get the window fixed in his parents’ house that his buddy broke out during that party he threw while they were in Europe. I’ll give him a stern lecture about being more responsible, but I’ll promise not to tell his mom. And then I’ll tell her when she gets home but make her promise not to tell him that I told her. That’s how being an Aunt works, right?

Anyway, one of my pre-Aunt duties was throwing a baby shower for my sister a couple of months ago before the little monkey made his (tardy) appearance. I made two sets of pretty fabulous (if I do say so myself) tiny cupcakes for the guests.

The first were Lemon Blossoms (recipe by Paula Dean, so you know they involve like 8 pounds of butter and 16 cups of sugar, but are delicious). I’d made these once before on father’s day for Jason and the kids and had literally made myself ill eating them for like 4 days after, so I knew they would be good. (I’m going to vomit… Maybe one more tiny lemon muffin will make it better…).

The second set I’d sampled at another baby shower earlier in the summer, so I asked that hostess (another Aunt. It’s like a really exclusive club, see? We all hang out together and trade recipes and tips to being cooler than our siblings in the eyes of their children) for the recipe. She pointed me to this fabulous website of inspired cupcakes and said it was number 25 (they’re all so awesome they don’t even need foofy names). Although she made them mini cupcakes instead and just used one raspberry pushed down in the middle of each one. I did this also and they turned out so amazing. I’m of the mind that all cupcakes should be of the ‘mini’ variety. Because eating them in one bite without crumbs and mess and deliciousness-wasting is really how Mother Nature intended it when She invented cupcakes. Plus you can eat like five and because they aren’t of a prescribed serving size it’s not as humiliating as eating two or three normal ‘single serving’ cupcakes. It’s like you can eat thirty tortilla chips with dip, but you’re a pig if you want to eat two hamburgers (unless you’re my husband and then you just have a particular zeal for food).

I didn’t take any pictures of the little muffins/cupcakes when I made them, which I’m a little sad about. To tell you the truth, the rest of the food at the shower was a little bit of a disaster and they were definitely the best part. I had this whole plan for only doing vegetarian food because my sister is a vegetarian, but then it turns out that vegetarian food is more time-consuming to make for some reason (must be straining all that meat out of the normal food. It just takes awhile) and also less filling. And I’d decided before sending out the invites that I hated when people throw showers from 2-4pm and have tons of food, so I always feel like I shouldn’t eat lunch because there’s going to be food there and then I have to wait till 2pm to eat and I’m starving to death. And that’s stupid. So I had everyone come at noon so they could eat lunch there. But then the cupcakes/muffins took three hours in the morning to make instead of the 30 minutes each of the recipes said and I didn’t have time to make like half of the other food so really I just invited everyone over at a lunch hour and then didn’t have anything but tiny cupcakes to feed them. It’s a wonder they didn’t roast me over a spit to serve with barbeque sauce. The whole thing was fairly horrifying. Whew, I’m glad to get that off my chest.

I maintain, however, that because this all happened before Colby was actually born, my perfect Aunt status remains unmarred. And the cupcakes and lemon blossoms were fabulous, at least.

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