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Dreaming of a Better World

I have a dream about the Metro-Phoenix real estate market. No, it’s not that prices will recover to 2005 levels only in the two square miles of Dobson Ranch and I’ll be able to sell my rental property for enough profit we can afford to send my middle son to a college that doesn’t specialize in teaching people how to repair transmissions, online. Yes, this is a dream I have also, but it’s not what I’m talking about today.

My dream for the people of Phoenix is one of peace and harmony. My dream is for a mutual respect among all people, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or side in a real estate transaction. OK, really just the last one. You all seem to be getting along pretty well in the other areas right now.

I have a dream sellers will let buyers come see their houses, even though it’s a hassle for them and they’re short selling so there’s no monetary incentive.

I have a dream buyers will remember actual people are living lives in these houses, so a call to give 6 minute notice before pulling up in front of a house likely isn’t going to work for a seller.

I have a dream sellers will understand even though they have a baby who can’t be disturbed during her nap and a husband who works the graveyard shift, the buyer probably also has a child and husband to plan the house showing tour around.

I have a dream buyers will realize 9 AM on Mother’s Day probably isn’t an appropriate time to request a showing on an occupied home.

I have a dream the next time I call the seller on that one house she won’t say, “No, no, *the day/time I’m requesting that she suggested yesterday might work* won’t do at all. But anytime *another specific day she’s suggesting* will be totally perfect. Just call back to confirm” like she has the last three times I’ve talked to her.

I have a dream no agent will knock on the door of any of my occupied listings this weekend without calling beforehand just to inquire if it’s possible for them to “see the house really quick, even though you’re in the middle of a family birthday party. We won’t be any bother, we’ll just peek around for a second…”

I have a dream this weekend when I’m showing 8 houses in Mesa/Gilbert, I won’t have to start at Sossaman and Guadalupe for houses 1 and 2, drive 9 miles to Cooper and Baseline for house 3, back to within 1 mile of the first two houses for houses 4-6 and then down to Higley and Pecos for house 7 and Cooper and Warner for house 8 to accommodate sellers with specific time frames for the house to be shown. My carbon footprint is starting to look like those sinkholes they had out in Queen Creek a few years ago.

I have a dream sellers won’t think of buyers as those vultures disrupting our lives and trying to take away our home and buyers won’t think of sellers as those selfish jerks who don’t really want to sell that bad if they won’t let us see their house.

I have a dream both buyers and sellers will remember we all (even their Realtor) have jobs and children and doctor appointments and family parties and LIFE to maneuver around.

I have a dream we’ll all be a little more flexible with accommodating each other. That and the thing about the house values in Dobson Ranch. It’s not too much to ask, right?

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